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How I Started Playing Omaha Poker

The making of an Omaha poker addict

When I was young we used to have family card games all the time. We would play games like 5 card draw, 7 card stud and no peak. These are just a few but a lot of the games we played had wild cards such as 3′ & 9’s or if you got a 4 you would get an extra card. We never played Texas Holdem or Omaha poker, I had never even heard of Omaha poker before I started playing online. Like all new online poker players I started at the Texas Holdem tables.

Texas Holdem is simple game and it didn’t take me long to start playing well. Then one day I noticed some very high flop percentages on a Pot Limit Omaha High table and my life hasn’t been the same sense. The table was a 6 seat, $3/$6 PL Omaha game and including me, the table was full. The flop percentages were well over 70% meaning that on average, each player saw the flop 7 out of 10 hands. That means the players are playing junk hands and I figured if I only played quality hands I should do very well.

My understanding of Omaha was that it was the same as Texas Holdem except you get 4 cards instead of two. I played for about 15 minutes and was doing quite well, a few pot sized bets after the flop earned me about a $50 profit and then it happened. I got dealt what I thought was a pretty solid hand: As-Kd-Jd-Jh so I raised it to $12 and got 3 callers. The flop came 2s-3s-9s, I was first to act and I bet $26, about half pot. I got two callers and I was pretty happy with my chances at winning the hand. The turn was a Kh, which strengthened my hand a little but I still hadn’t caught anything solid. I decided to make a large bet and hopefully scare the other players out. I bet $75 and after much thought the next player folded but the last player quickly called.

The river was a 7s! I caught the nuts and after letting the clock tick away for about 10 seconds I went all in for around $150 and the other player called right away. I wasn’t expecting the other player to call but I was pretty happy when he did. Then the strangest thing happened, my cards got mucked and the pot went to the other player. My ace high flush was the best possible hand and when I saw my opponents hand was only a King high flush. I automatically thought it was a glitch in the gambling software or the other player has cheated.

I typed a message in the chat asking the other players. How did I lose, I had an ace high flush, the only answers I got back was a combination of lol’s and lmao’s..and I think someone called me a donk. I was pretty upset so I left the table and reviewed the hand in my hand history. I read it over and over again and I still couldn’t figure it out so I went to the how to play section at the website and after reading it I was very angry at myself for being a fish.

I had never heard that you must use 2 cards from you hand in Omaha . Even though I lost around $300, I knew Omaha was the game for me. For the next few months I mostly played at the PL Omaha high tables and did very well. I even had a couple chances to explain to players why they lost when they made the same mistake I did. I still play Texas Holdem tournaments and will still play here and there but I feel Omaha is a much more profitable game overall.

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